All-New DVDFab 11 Is Released With More New Features

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    DVDFab released the new version of 11th, DVDFab 11 comes with more new improvments than DVDFab10:

    A quick glance of the new features in DVDFab 11

    ;)Introduced the YouTube Uploader in Ripper and Converter modules, which allows users to upload the resulting videos directly to YouTube channel.
    :)Introduced the Mobile Video Loader to transfer videos from smartphones or tablets directly to DVDFab 11;
    Improved the File Transfer to transfer the edited videos directly back to smartphones or tablets,without the data cable anymore;
    ;)Introduced the all-new Turbo Conversion Engine that supports the latest HW acceleration technologies from NVIDIA, AMD and Intel;
    :)Added the support for some new Java protections and Added the support for some new Japanese adult DVDs;
    ;)Fixed a problem that not all the user selected audio tracks are retained in the final results created by Blu-ray and UHD Creator modules;
    etc ......

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