Best Program For Traced/Monitored Installation Of Other Programs?

Discussion in 'Computer Software' started by conceptualclarity, Apr 26, 2018.

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    I don't want to bother with tracing every new installation, but I want to do it with media programs that tend to appropriate to themselves a lot of extension defaults and with programs that make huge numbers of additions to the registry and file system, such as a new AV I'm about to install.

    I am not inclined to use a tracing log for uninstalling just blindly. I have Revo Pro, and I used it to trace an installation. But I checked back, and all I've got is a ".ruel" file. I could not find any way of opening and reading that file. I didn't use it for uninstalling the program because I can't blindly trust it won't uninstall any of the wrong things.

    In this situation I am very concerned about not removing things on my system unrelated to the installation, so I would rather make selective manual use of an installation log rather than doing an automated uninstall that I'm not able to preview. A program with installation logs in plain English is obviously preferred.

    I'm most interested in the registry changes, so I wouldn't disdain a program that looks only at them.
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