Suggestion Create A Jabber Texting Server Within The Raymond Domain.. PR Plus Privacy, Ftw

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    Why join the sheeple using legacy sms texting on your smart phone when you already must pay a data fee?

    Use Jabber Texting (xmpp).

    • Open Standard
    • ubiquitous
    • secure privacy with OMEMO encryption via PEP server extension
    • presence
    • delivery confirmation
    • read confirmation
    • typing notification
    • avatar sync to address book
    • receive Jabber Text on any internet capable device
    • not 20% to 50% of your mobile bill very unlike legacy sms texting

    Does your smart phone have VoLTE ("hd" calling)? If yes, XMPP & SIP are already operating on your phone! More xmpp is in use than sms. Full stop.

    One address can operate as email, sip, and texting

    an xmpp server uses fewer server resources than web or email.

    Please help us liberate the world feom the shackles of legacy sms texting!

    The raymond Jabber Texting service should meet or exceed these xep for mobile

    Jabber Text me:

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