Error 5: "Access has been denied" Unable to map drive using altiris

Discussion in 'Network and Internet' started by Gagandeep, Feb 7, 2010.

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    Hi all,

    I am trying to configure altiris deployment solution. I want to use this server to serve thin clients the re-imaging process...that means its just a single client and single server architechture. I have installed a windows server 2003, SQL, Altiiris deployment solution 6.9 service pack 3 on a machine. Configured Active directory, DNS and DHCP on it. And everything else related to it eg. IIS, ASP.NET etc. While on the other hand with altiris, using disk boot creator, created a boot image for the clients to boot up using this server. Now everything is fine as used a switch, server is connected on that switch, the thin clien that we want to image is on the switch too.
    Now we started the thin client and made it to boot from network. It successfully boots showing us the ip address it picked up from the DHCP server, then it shows us MTPTF connectivity and then the boot image menu(the image that we made through that disk boot image), seleted the image, it boots further and starts 98 dos environment(as we had chosen MS-dos while making a boot image), Goes futther well installing drives on the thin client machine and then comes the error.....
    Mapping network drives...
    The password is invalid for <server/share>
    Type the password for <server/share>
    And when i try puttin the password of the service account tht i made and setted in the boot image to access this network share through which i will pull and push the images to the clients, it says
    Error 5: Access has been denied.
    Deployment share mapped to F:
    Invalid drive specification
    Unable to map network drives
    Unable to start network properly
    Reboot in 5 seconds....

    I have given all the essential rights to this service account and its in the Active directory, delegated it the domain controller rights too.
    NOw if i simply boot up the thin client and use ipconfig to see the details then it shows the ip, mask, default gateway:, dhcp: altiris, dhcp, AD, SQL and DNS server 2). But does not show the DNS ip. And if i try to put it on domain then gives error. I thenmanually gave it the ip and then the dns too. I was able to put it on domain. Is this the issue??...Means that the DHCP is not throwing DNS ip to the clients???? and thats y it is not able to map that deployment express shared drives???
    Ive been trying to solve this issue since three days now but not able to reach the fix...tried google and everything.....I wasnt able to implement that DHCP not throwing DNS ip to the clients issue but before that i want u people to read this and suggest some more things to check....
    Thnx in advance!!
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    I'm trying to make sense of this, by the sounds of it, you went all happy with your DHCP... and no longer will it work with a static connection.

    I've first have to explain this to the people who might be reading this and don't know. DHCP is Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. Which never plays well with a static IP.

    My suggestion to you is do one OR the other, and in this case, I'd use a static IP. Or you could always tighten down your subnet mask to allow for less deviation. (Seriously? You're allowing in the hundreds of thousands of hosts there, you might want to reconsider that.)

    My laptop on my home network was set up to do DCHP until my dad locked down the range and restricted us via subnet mask. The way to work with it is to assign a single static IP and keep it there, so you can keep the rest of it too. That should have been a bit of a known flaw in the design stage of this...

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