Fat Pings by Google: Author vs Scrapper

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    The Scenario:
    Imagine "You" are a blog author, when you publish content on his blog or web page, the RSS feed is updated to notify all subscribed readers. The idea in content scrapping is to republish the content immediately "word for word" on the "Scrappers" blog. A content scrapping bot enrolled in a sites RSS feed(enrolled as a regular reader) can immediately detect the update , and copy and republish the content within seconds of an RSS feed update. The problem here being is the search engine need not have been updated at that time and when and the search engine at a latter time comes across the original and scrapped content cannot necessarily determine who the original author is.

    The Solution:
    A Fat ping:The idea is to notify google first and then the RSS feed(actually simultaneously).

    On Blogger and wordpress, you have Google PubSubHubbub, enabled by default. it Fat pings google automatically and saves you the hassle.

    Watch Google Developers video: What is PubSubHubbub?

    For FeedBurner Feeds, you have PingShot service.

    Credits: Google engineer MattCutts @ PubCon 2011.
    Transcript by eversparkinteractive.com: Transcript.pdf
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    Interesting. Thanks for sharing.
    Those scrapper sites are really annoying aren't they?

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