Firewall App Blocker (Fab) V1.5

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    Firewall App Blocker is a very efficient and user-friendly Portable Freeware application that allows you to set firewall blocking rules without an advanced level of know-how.Traditionally, such a task requires that you perform a number of complex operations , Adding an application to the block list is possible using the dedicated menu or button, but drag and drop is also supported.


    Changelog (Tuesday , 07. February 2017) :
    01. FIXED - Fab Add a block rule unnecessarily Outbound and Inbound sections together
    02. FIXED - When adding a Block rule Fab disable Firewall and enable it again
    03. FIXED - To block An application "Apply" button must be used (every time)
    04. FIXED - Some minor BUGS ,GUI desing and much more...
    05. ADDED - Outbound and inbound lists separated
    06. ADDED - Block Process feature
    07. ADDED - whitelist mode feature
    08. ADDED - Add a folder feature (All exe in the folder will be Automatically blocked)
    09. ADDED - Block internet feature
    10. ADDED - Restrict Firewall Access feature
    11. ADDED - Disable Firewall feature
    12. ADDED - Resizable application window
    13. ADDED - Change the font feature
    14. ADDED - Status indicator feature
    15. ADDED - Firewall App Blocker X64 exe


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