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    The Freebies forum is obviously popular so we would ask that you follow the guidelines we have listed here to help things run more smoothly.

    What goes in the Freebies forum?

    There's a wide range of stuff that can go in here, but in general if it usually costs money and is free for a limited time, or has been made free after being a paid product, then it is allowed in this forum.

    The types of freebies that can be posted:
    • A giveaway offered by the developer/creator where you can visit a website or use social media to participate.
    • Competitions you enter for free to win a product or extended trials over and above the standard time period.
    • Products given away by third parties on other websites/blogs or social media sites.
    • Freebies that require a credit card for verification, personal information or requiring you to take part in sponsored surveys are allowed, but you MUST make this absolutely clear and be upfront about it in the post.
    What cannot be posted in the Freebies forum:
    • Anything that requires some form of payment, even if it's a promise of money back after receiving the product. Post in Hot Deals instead.
    • Links to affiliate websites or spam sites are completely forbidden and will be removed.
    • Do not link to an unofficial source when an official source is available. For example, if a company is running their own giveaway, use them as your source and not a third party website simply posting the same giveaway.
    • Sending a link through redirection, url shortening or an advertising service is not allowed. Do not post links to file hosting websites such as Rapidgator/Mega or use P2P links like Bittorrent/Usenet.
    • As of August 22, 2014, we no longer allow posts containing freebies that allow you to download/extract/convert videos or audio from YouTube.
    Other Information you should know:
    • All Freebie threads must be accompanied by direct working links to the official source and/or download. This is especially important for Ashampoo giveaways as they provide a setup installer which is compatible only with the giveaway.
    • Posting a license key is acceptable if it's generic and freely available to everyone. If the giveaway has officially expired but the download link or landing page works, you are free to post the link and/or license details.
    • Unique or personal licenses are not allowed to be posted. Do not trade or distribute personal or unique licenses via the messaging system.
    • We prefer that you do not directly post keys or download links where you need to register/email/like/tweet/comment to receive access to the giveaway. You should support the giveaway by linking to the appropriate giveaway page.
    • Do not post requests asking for software or licenses/keys, and do not offer/ask for trades.
    • Only genuine licenses or software are allowed to be given away. Pirated or stolen keys/software are strictly prohibited and we have a zero tolerance policy on posting illegal content.
    • Do not post general freeware or open source software in the main Freebies section, use the General, Software or Security forums instead.
    • Include a brief description about the product/giveaway, a few sentences or paragraph is a minimum. An image is useful but not required. Also make the title descriptive, "10 license Giveaway of Kaspersky Antivirus" is good, "Quick! Enter this Giveaway" is unacceptable.
    • A personal giveaway is where you have one or more licenses or products and wish to give them away to other members. Because we have to trust that the offer is legal and legitimate, only members with 50+ forum posts are able to post personal giveaways. Your personal giveaway thread/post will be removed if you have less than 50 posts.
    • Personal giveaways are the sole responsibility of the member posting the giveaway for its legitimacy, description, distribution of licenses, post giveaway support and etc. It is the responsibility of the poster to make sure the licenses are not pirated or stolen from another giveaway. and it's adminstrators will not offer support and take no responsibility for the running of the giveaway but action will be taken if pirated or illegal products are offered.
    Thread Prefixes

    The Freebies forum requires you to select a prefix icon so everyone can identify the type of freebie more easily. Choose the prefix when creating a thread title that best matches your post.
    • Raymondcc Exclusive - Reserved for official giveaways and only available for staff members.
    • Personal Giveaway - If you have legitimate licenses of software to giveaway personally, you can use this prefix if you meet the minimum number of required posts. DO NOT post a personal giveaway under another prefix as it will be removed.
    • Unlimited Giveaway - Use this if the giveaway is not restricted on the number of licenses or downloads and you are guaranteed to receive the freebie.
    • Competition/Limited - For giveaways with a limited number of prizes or licenses, or any other type of giveaway where you have to participate but are not guaranteed to get the freebie.
    • 24hrs or Less - All giveaways in the main Freebies forum that are only active for 24 hours or less must use this prefix as priority above all others.
    • Other/Misc - If you believe the freebie doesn't fit into any other category, then use this prefix.
    • Upcoming Giveaway - Use this if you are posting any giveaway before it officially starts. You or a moderator can change the prefix when the giveaway starts.
    The BitsDujour, Glary, GAOTD & SharewareOnSale 24hr and Android, ios, other phone and tablet freebies sub forums also have their own prefixes which should be self explanatory should you choose to post in either forum. administrators reserve the right to change this page content at any time.

    Thanks for your cooperation.
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