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    Posting Guidelines

    These guidelines apply to all sections and sub-forums. Some forums will also have their own guideline post which you should also read for more specific information.

    Creating a new thread/topic:

    If you decide to create a new thread on the forum, there are a few simple guidelines you should try to follow:
    • Give a new thread a title that roughly describes the content you are posting. "Help me" or "Read this" are not acceptable, "Help, blue screen error 123 booting Windows 8" is better and more helpful.
    • Make sure the spelling/information in the title is correct as you cannot change it yourself. You will have to contact a mod/admin if the title contains errors.
    • You are welcome to create a voting poll in the forum, just make sure to fill in the required poll details carefully and don't forget to create the thread title/content.
    • Create your thread in the forum which best matches the topic. For example, if you have problems with your wifi, use the Networking forum, if you want help/advice on a CPU or SSD/HDD, post in Hardware, and etc.
    Other information for threads or posts:
    • The best way to use images in your post is uploading them to image hosting services such as Imgur, Tinypic or Postimage and place the link into your post. Linking directly to images on other websites, forums or blogs is NOT recommended, although companies and software developers usually don't mind too much if you're linking to their products. If in any doubt, upload to one of the services mentioned.
    • Don't fill your posts with capitals, bold text, large fonts or combinations, use the text formatting wisely.
    • Keep the language clean as the forum is viewable by young as well as old, comments should not be inappropriate, hateful, insulting, threatening or in retaliation.
    • is an English language only forum and no posts in other languages are permitted.
    • Spamming, self promotion or advertising is prohibited, this includes sending users to pages via personal affiliate or referral links. New members suspected of posting spam links or keywords will be banned immediately.
    • Redirecting through services such as,, or are not allowed. Always try pointing links to a trusted or official source. E.g. don't link to Bittorrent or Rapidgator if a link is available from the official website.
    • Do not post, link to or request illegal content such as warez, hacks, cracks, copyrighted software, mp3's or movies, pornography etc. If you innocently post something like this or see someone else posting, report it to a mod/admin.
    • Moderators or administrators can/will edit or delete threads or the contents of posts if they are breaking rules, ignoring guidelines or deem the material inappropriate or otherwise unsuitable.
    • As of August 22, 2014, we no longer allow posts containing methods/software/services to download/extract/convert videos or audio from YouTube.
    General Forum Information

    The Post Ratings system:

    The post rating system gives you the option to do more than just like another post. You can leave other ratings such as funny, agree or informative to better describe your opinion of the content. You can also use ratings like disagree, dislike or mark a post dumb if you feel it is deserved.

    Don't be afraid of being honest in your ratings, if used wisely, they can provide a form of auto moderation. Most users don't like negative ratings which in turn may lead to more useful/positive posts in future. On the other side, posting what other people agree with or rate as funny/helpful shows that other users are getting value from your content.

    Contact a mod/admin if you believe someone is rating posts unfairly, misusing the rating system or using tit-for-tat negative ratings, rating privileges could be revoked and might also lead to a warning for the offender(s).

    The Messaging system:

    The forum personal messaging system, called Conversations in the forum software, is for members to contact each other and mods or admins outside of the main forum content. It is also used by admins to contact members in the event of giveaway wins etc. The system is not meant for exchanging private or confidential messages/information and should not be used for such purposes.

    You are still required to abide by forum rules at all times with the content of your messages. and its administrators reserve the right to view the contents of conversations if we have reason to believe they are spam, malicious or breaking/ignoring any forum rules.

    Please contact an administrator if you receive unwanted messages through your inbox.

    The Shoutbox:

    The Shoutbox is an area where users can post short one or two line messages. It is NOT designed for posting detailed help or information, start a new thread for that. The Shoutbox contents are viewable by everyone including guests, so don't post any personal or private information. Shoutbox comments should not be inappropriate, hateful, insulting, baiting or threatening. Any such comments will be deleted and the members(s) will be banned from posting in the Shoutbox for a period of time.


    Avatars are the images that identify you as a member and show in your posts and profile. The old forum had a smaller default size so all avatars transferred from there will not be big enough for some areas. The best size image to upload is around 200x200 pixels, Gravatar is also supported. Although not essential, we would urge you to use your own avatar, it's more personal and users can identify you without even seeing your username.

    Warnings and Bans:

    In order to help create a friendly forum, we take a more relaxed and friendly approach. If you make a mistake or step out of line, no problem, it can be sorted and we move on, warning or banning is only an absolute last resort.

    Spammers don't get off lightly though, any newer members suspected of joining the forum to promote their own website/social media, advertize or post spam of any sort will be banned immediately.


    You are responsible for your account and anything posted from it. It is permitted to create one account per person and you should not create more to either cheat in giveaways or get around bans or suspensions. If you wish to change your username or something else which cannot be changed from your profile pages, contact an admin. administrators reserve the right to change this page content at any time.

    Do not argue with moderators or administrators, and remember, an administrator's word is final.
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