How To Skip A Regular Windows 10 Build

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    If the windows10 anniversary update is still giving you a headache please go on reading...

    Somehow the windows10 anniversary build didn't work out for me on an older machine.
    (my GPU was no longer detected)
    So I was more than happy to use the windows roll back feature to a previous build.
    (btw rolling back to a previous build only works for 10-30 days,after that you need to reinstall the 1511 build)

    Still, soon after rolling back, windows started the update once again and I would be ending in an unfortunate endless loop.
    In trying to stop windows from trying to update my 1511 edition to the windows 10 anniversary build, I finally found a small but effective reg tweak.
    Although originally meant for preview builds it seems to work for the regular builds too.
    (So far so good)

    Check it out over here:
    A special thanks goes to Sergey Tkachenko.

    Hope that someday this might still help someone.
    Take care.


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