I Need Your Honest Opinion For My Relaunch

Discussion in 'Graphics and Design' started by Hunt4Gold, Sep 19, 2014.

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    Been a long time since I logged in (Will be doing it more often to get some more freebies posted) I wanted to ask you all for a honest opinion as I attempted something crazy as a kickstarter project and well didn't seem to work.


    The Project was called Social Fonts, I had figured out a way to convert photo's to fonts so i wanted to make a Worldwide Font of Everyone and anything (On the legal side of course) to represent the way how technology has grown. I know that I was limited with Internet Explorer 11 and Windows 8.1 until now as Firefox latest version works with colored fonts.

    What I'm asking from Raymond's community is 1st do you have any ideas on a better way of proposing it? and second do you have any other ideas of things that can be rendered into fonts (Puzzles, Coloring books, etc)

    I'm not one to ask for help but today I just turned 40 and for once in my life I'd like to pull off something special.

    Thank you all for your time

    Shawn W. Dion
    aka Hunt4Gold

    P.S: My wife says I look like Vincent van Price? is she right xD

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