Competition/Limited Macrium Reflect Home Valentines 2019 Giveaway_5 Licenses

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    [GIVEAWAY/CONTEST] : Macrium Reflect Home Valentines 2019 Giveaway_5 licenses


    Macrium Reflect is the complete disaster-recovery, image based and backup software you will ever need for home/office use! It will backup your data/sensitive files into protective storage --encrypted and safe from corruption. In the event of computing disasters like partial or whole system failure, Macrium Reflect can recover from any backup image created and restore your data, partitions or even whole hard disks in a matter of minutes! Problem solved!

    Macrium Reflect also can help you upgrade your hard disk or try a new operating system with the knowledge that everything is securely saved and can be easily recovered. Taking full advantage of Microsoft Volume Shadow Service data is managed efficiently and can be automatically streamed to a secure storage even when your drives are active and in-use.

    With a new Backup Engine, the new Macrium Reflect version 7 is the fastest of all versions to date as compared to previous versions. The inclusion of 12 months of Essential Support with a standing home license gives you peace of mind so you can sit back, relax and be confident that Macrium support/technical staff will always be on hand to answer your questions or assist you in anything that you need!


    Just head-on to the External Giveaway Site above and adhere to the rules there.

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