Need Trick To Use Again Free Service In Yodha My Astrology & Horoscope App From Playstore

Discussion in 'Phones and Tablets' started by vinaykumar_alli, Feb 10, 2016.

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    hi recently i have installed yodha my astrology & horoscope app in my mobile(samsung duos gt7562) from play store.
    in this app we can ask one free question to the astrologer.
    i have entered details like name, d.o.b, place of birth and typed the question. they have answered my question. by default it took my google account.

    again i installed this app in my another mobile(micromax unite a102) from play store to ask another question.
    but its showing that i have used my free service. when i checked, it took my same google account by default(i have same google account in my two mobiles)

    then i uninstalled this app, went to settings-storage-cleared cache
    again went to settings-google play store-uninstalled updates and cleared data
    went to myfiles(file manager)-sdcard-appdata-deleted yodha app folder
    i deleted data in all possible ways

    now i created new google account
    went to settings-accounts-added this new google account
    because by default it takes google account

    i have installed this yodha astrologer app, but again it shows same message that i have no free service to use

    is there any trick that we can use multiple times there services
    please help me
    thanks in advance

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