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    Some of the members would like to find out how to monitor incoming traffic or to fix internet connections and to stop some malwares ....

    NetStat agent was offered by giveawayoftheday, but I missed that opportunity....

    When Internet connections was established to set communication arround the world and also to make this planete seem to be small then at the same time doors were also opened for spreading electronic malwares ! Yes they are not nice since they can interfer with the browsing tranquility. Each time when you open a web site in your browser or download files there are TCP/UDP connections established between your computer and the remote host.
    Many trojans,backdoors,viruses and worms open ports on your system to allow an attacker to access your system and remotely control it. So Did you ever wonder why your internet connection suddenly slowered and even stopped and which this port is responsible for this strange action then NetStat Agent is here to help you for diagnosis. Netstat helps you to spot such applications. It shows you exactly which applications listen on the network for connections such as which ones relate to internet, networks and those that could be suspicious and will allow you to stop it before the damage spread to your pc and to the network. This is a perfect tool for Administrators but also for private individuals.

    NetStat Agent It's acts like Internet/network radar, will manages your current Internet and network connections. Information shown includes local and remote addresses, local and remote ports, connection status, connection age, bandwidth used, and the program/process behind it. Includes Auto-WHOIS lookup tools, Network Statistics (Interface, TCP, IP, UDP, ICMP), a web server, and many more features.

    Once the software is launched then an easy interface is opened without requiring an effort to reach to the available options. All the necesarry options are listed in the left hand of the screen from the top to the dawn. Right clicking on a traffic gives you more options such as refresh, terminate process, add to rules and also copy protocole….On the top from the tools option you can access the windows tools which comprise system info, regedit and command prmpt.

    Some people likes to hide their IPS and to divert their proxies and NetStat Agent can help you to find out if a specific URL can be reached with ease. NetStat Agent provides you the Ping and Tracer options. Ping will help you to analyze the remote connection while the tracer will provide you with the routers interposed between your pc and the remote host. This is a handy monitoring system that will allow you to identify good proxies and their reliability for anonymous web surfing.

    Using this tool is very easy and all you have to do is type in the host name (e.g. or the IP of a host, make the necessary configuration and press start button.

    The general option provide you with the ability to load country database on startup and to play sound alert.
    Those who runs private chat server then this tool comes as reliable source for stopping unwanted interferences.

    There is also a powerful log manager that allows you to view, delete and clear netstat or arp log files. Handy to go back to a previous state of connection.

    Features in NetStat Agent:

    - Monitors Internet connections on your computer. It shows the information on all active TCP and UDP connections, local and remote ports, connection states and the owning process. What is important, NetStat Agent shows the geographical location of the remote IP-address and its hostname. The program contains powerful features that allow you to select or hide unimportant connections, close unwanted connection and many more features.

    - Shows network, adapters and interfaces configuration. IPConfig (Internet Protocol Configuration) allows you to renew DHCP configuration or send the command to DHCP server to release and discard the IP address configuration. This tool is very useful on computers that are configured to obtain an IP address automatically.

    - This tool is very useful for analyzing TCP/IP troubleshoots. It helps to test whether a remote host is reachable across an IP network. Ping is also used to test network configuration of local computer. Ping verifies the host by sending an ICMP echo request and waiting for an ICMP reply. When the reply is received the round-trip time and the geographical location of the remote IP-address will be shown.

    - Uses to determine the route between your computer and the remote host. What makes it different from other TraceRoute utilities is the ability to graph the response time and highlight problem hops. NetStat Agent also shows the geographical location of the hop.

    DNS Query
    - Also known as NSLookup utility that finds all available information about a server including an IP address, mail exchange (MX) records for a domain, authority name server (NS), start of a zone of authority (SOA), domain name pointer (PTR), etc.

    - Displays and modifies routes in the IP routing table on your computer. The IP routing table helps to detect what interface and gateway will be used to process an IP datagram. This tool allows you to add a new route, modify an existing route and delete a route or routes.

    - Monitors entries in the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) cache. NetStat Agent not only provides you with the ability to add new ARP entries or delete an ARP entry in a table, but also enables you to restore the real MAC address, select or hide entries. The program also logs all ARP entries to file.

    - Provides you with ability to retrieve all the available information about an IP address or domain such as who is the domain owner and when the domain was registered, administrators and technical support contacts, the geographical location of the internet service provider like country, city, etc.

    HTTP Checker
    - Monitors web sites to test whether an URL is reachable across the Internet. If web site is alive, NetStat Agent will show a status code returned from server. Usually, it is HTTP code "200 OK". The program also shows an IP address of server, country, uptime and the time when the last response from server was received.

    - Shows network and TCP/IP statistics such as received and transmitted TCP segments, maximum number of connections, default IP time-to-live value, a number of ICMP messages, received and transmitted IP datagram’s, etc.

    May 31, 2009

    NetStat Agent 3.0 Beta has been released:
    - Now software supports unicode.
    - Added russian translation.

    NetStat is a shareware and fixed at $29.95 per licence

    How to get a free license?
    You like NetStat Agent, but it is too expensive for you? There is a good chance for you to save your money and get a FREE license of NetStat Agent.

    1.Just write an article in your blog or it can be published in our blog.
    2.Send us your success story with example of how to use NetStat Agent. You can tell people how you use it or your trick, anything about the product!
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    Send links or articles to or and you will get a free license key as a reward.

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