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    Today, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia held a press conference announcing all sorts of news about the PlayStation family. Besides presenting a new model of PlayStation Vita (thinner and lighter), confirmed release date for PlayStation 4 in Japan (February 22, 2014) and for these two games consoles, Sony conference came to a complete surprise: PlayStation Vita TV . PlayStation Vita microconsolă TV is able to run games PS Vita (includes a reader for this format), PSP and PlayStation games in collection Classics (usually older titles for the PS1). PS Vita is equipped with TV display will use the TV for this position (including an HDMI video output 480p/720/1080i) and classic DualShock 3 gamepads control. Therefore, in the first instance, PS Vita TV will be compatible with absolutely all titles designed for PS Vita, missing functionality provided by the touch screen handheld console. However, most likely, Sony will begin offering patches for older titles to make them work properly and Vita TV. After launching the PS4, PS Vita TV will receive support for DualShock controller 4 via a software update.

    There will be no media playback functions, PS Vita will be compatible TV Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited services offered by Sony, and a host of other providers of such content (currently only those were confirmed in Japan). Moreover, PS Vita TV can be used as a compatible device stream originated from a PlayStation 4. In other words, while the main TV that is connected PS4 is busy, PS Vita owners will be able to connect microconsola TV to another TV in the house and can play PS4 titles on it, the video stream (depending on what will be available to holders of ordinary console PS Vita).


    PlayStation Vita TV will be launched in Japan on November 14, 2013, at a price of about $ 100. There will be a TV version of PS Vita Value Pack, which includes a white DualShock 3 controller, a PlayStation Plus subscription for 90 days and an 8GB memory card for the price about $ 150.




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