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    RedCrab - The Calculator

    RedCrab is a scientific calculator with a full screen formula editor. The mathematical expressions can be entered in an editor window similar to a piece of paper.

    The calculator's editor supports the entry of complex algebraic equations like fractions, square roots, exponents, variables etc. for technical and scientific applications.

    No installation of the software is required.

    Starts from external disk, e.g. USB flash drive or CD / DVD

    Quick start without studying the manual

    The handling of the basic functions is just like a conventional calculator. There is no training required.

    Whoever can operate a pocket calculator can also use RedCrab without studying the manual. This guide describes fundamentally the advanced features which a normal calculator does not possess.

    RedCrab is portable

    RedCrab is fully portable. The program can be started from external data storage source without installation. Settings can be stored as a file in the prorams root directory instead in the PC' s Windows registry.

    If you start RedCrab from a USB flash drive, your settings are stored on the stick.

    Why RedCrab?

    No one today would want to work with word processing program that simulates a typewriter, for example, no copy, paste and edit. For typo errors, whole text must be rewritten.

    But most PC calculators are just unflexible simulations of pocket calculators.

    RedCrab is a calculator that exploits the possibilities of PC's. Easy to use like a pocket calculator, but provided with full screen editor, which supported corrections, saveing and printing as a word processing program.

    Several tasks can be written in the same worksheet. Results can be adopted in other mathematical problems as in a spreadsheet program. Images and texts can imported to describe complex calculations.


    Tutor Videos

    Download (The software download includes the manuals.)

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    I sure could have used a program like this on a laptop, back when I was in college almost 40 years ago. :D
    Thanks for sharing FunkY.
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    Thank you FunkY. I will try this out on my laptop for school. :)
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    Thanks Funky, This will be great for my son to try out. :)

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