Ssl Mitm Proxy Needed!

Discussion in 'Security and Viruses' started by Ombra, Feb 8, 2018.

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    To be honest this thread is hilarious.

    Ombra, hopefully this might address your issues:
    * There are well accepted CAs (e.g. Let's Encrypt) which have root certs that are no longer being pushed to Windows XP due to its lack of support. It isn't due to "CA Nazis", it is because you need to upgrade your OS or find some alternate strategy to keep your root CAs up to date. Microsoft will no longer do this for you.
    * Fiddler is probably the easiest tool to use however remember to enable the option to not check for cert errors or you'll be back at square one. It's not good for long term browsing too, by default Fiddler will keep a never-ending log of HTTP requests which will cause its memory consumption to continually increase.
    * By ignoring CA errors you're making it incredibly easy for anyone to MITM your connection, you should really reconsider this decision, if you do anything sensitive online you're putting yourself at massive risk (taxes, online banking, government services, etc.)

    Really Ombra, from our perspective this is like someone complaining they can't drive their Ford Model T on the highway because of how slow it is. "The Nazi police force pulled me over and said it's unsafe to go too slow but I know what the agenda is! I'm paying my cousin's mechanic friend to install a turbo and I'll show those fascists!"

    Honestly this is hilarious since there's probably only 5 people in the world still using IRC (myself included). It's not built into Windows and telnet is an optional feature on Vista and above.

    NGSCB was cancelled.

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