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    Online shild VPN free for COMPUTER PICTURE reader

    Promotion: HERE!

    [External Image Currently Unavailable]:https://www.steganos.com/specials/images/sos_de.png
    Fill out email and click request license as picture below:
    [External Image Currently Unavailable]:http://www.upsieutoc.com/image/NIOu51
    And then you will get an email:

    Hallo xxx@xmail.com,

    Sie erhalten in dieser E-Mail Ihre Seriennummer für Steganos Online Shield VPN.

    Mit dieser Seriennummer erhalten Sie 2 GB Traffic-Volumen pro Monat für 12 Monate, mit dem Sie geschützt dank Verschlüsselung durchs Netz surfen können. Die Seriennummer lässt sich auf bis zu drei Geräten (Windows, iOS und/oder Android) einlösen.

    Seriennummer: 5109-7617-3A36-FE06-8431-834C-0BCA-XXXX
    Download: https://file1.steganos.com/software/wrappers/cbe/sosintwr.exe

    Wir wünschen Ihnen viel Spaß mit Steganos Online Shield VPN.

    You can request a license without to change IP, this promotion from Germany.

    Have fun!
    P/s: sorry for image display with errrors.
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    i get it ,,,, hmmmmm not bad
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    If you're not a German speaker, you'll likely be viewing the promo page by using Google Translate, or something similar. However, if you try to send your email address from that view to register for the promo, you'll fail. After entering my email address, I get the following error message from Google:

    That’s an error.
    Your client has issued a malformed or illegal request

    However, when I entered the same address, in the same field, on the original German version of the page, I succeeded in getting a reply email with the requested serial number
    ---------- Post added Aug 4, 2017 ----------
    The email that provides the serial number for this service also describes the restrictions and terms of the offer (as translated by Google Translate)"

    You will receive your serial number for Steganos Online Shield VPN in this e-mail.

    With this serial number, you get 2 GB of traffic volume per month for 12 months, which allows you to surf through the network, protected by encryption. The serial number can be used on up to three devices (Windows, iOS and / or Android).

    Serial Number:
    Download: https://

    We hope you enjoy Steganos Online Shield VPN."
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