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    I finally found the best C# obfuscator, and it is Babel for .Net please check out

    It has numerous features such as variables renaming, method or MSIL encryption whereby the
    entire method can be encrypted and make it untraceable by crackers, control flow obfuscations
    which make it impossible to trace the program flow.

    It has renaming of variables and constant values which make it very difficult to crack.
    It also place in loops, if and switch to make your program very difficult to read and trace by the crackers.
    Values , strings and even methods can be encrypted making it almost impossible to crack.

    The other obfuscators such as Eazfuscator, Skater, Spices, obsidium can be cracked easily
    using a combination of de4dot and ILSpy. crackers can virtually obtain all the source code
    using these tools.

    While .Net Reactor is pretty good as it is resistant to de4dot, the only problem is that you
    won’t get any support, you won’t get any reply for your emails and phone calls even after
    you have bought the software. Look at its website, its version has not been updated
    since 2016. Its radio silence is glaring!

    Crypto is also worth mentioning but sometimes its obfuscated assemblies return
    exception errors (for unknown reasons) and this can cause problems to you and your
    customers. I don’t believe you should use Crypto for serious commercial work unless of
    course you are selling half cook software!

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