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    The giveaway system is where you can freely enter and win software and licenses for shareware and commercial software. Here's some information about the giveaway system:
    • Our giveaway software is called "Raffles" and it's a premium add-on for the Xenforo forum software. Raffles is also a well known add-on for vBulletin. This software handles and automates the giveaway start, ending, user entries, drawing of winners, posting the winners thread and also sending personal conversations.
    • All giveaways require you to visit the Giveaway page and physically press the "Enter Giveaway" button to register your entry. Unless specifically stated, you do not enter by simply leaving a "count me in" message in the giveaway thread.
    • Please read the rules of each giveaway carefully before ticking the agree box, if you do not agree to the rules laid out, do not enter.
    • All winners are chosen at random by the Raffles add-on and we have no idea who they are until after the draw has taken place. A new winners thread created in the Freebies forum is done automatically and the winner list is created by the add-on.
    • giveaways are sourced direct from the publisher/developer by our administrators. They are NOT "borrowed" giveaways from other websites or companies. Any giveaway can be independently verified and you are welcome to contact the publisher/developer to ask about the validity of our giveaway.
    • Any entry into a giveaway will not be removed unless specifically asked for by the member whose entry it is. Banned members have their entries automatically removed by the software.
    • Sometimes a software license requires information such as a name or email address for the activation. Where possible we will use the email and/or username you registered with on this forum. If you wish to participate in giveaways, PLEASE MAKE SURE your forum account has a valid email address which you have access to.
    • Any users suspected of creating several accounts with the aim of entering giveaways multiple times, will have their entries deleted without warning or notification. We run our giveaways in good faith and expect our members to enter in the same spirit.
    If you are a software developer, vendor or publisher and wish to participate in our giveaway system, then please contact an administrator, we are happy to discuss any proposals.
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