Windows 7 Usage Guides, How-To Hacks, Tips and Tricks (Complete List)

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    Windows 7 not only includes progressive changes to graphical user interface (GUI) to enhance visual effects, but it also adds a host of new features, making up an impressive arrays of Windows 7 features. Other than major features or functionality enhancements such as fully revamped Taskbar (Superbar), improved Start Menu, bigger live thumbnail preview, Jump Lists and etc, there are many useful usage operations, helpful hacks, amazing tips and easy-to-use tricks that may go unnoticed or out-of-focus if users just glance through the features list. Here’s a list of Windows 7 tips and tricks, how-tos, hacks, and usage guides that available.
    How to Enable or Disable (Turn On or Off) Desktop Preview (Aero Peek) in Windows 7
    Aero Shake
    Automatically Change and Rotate Desktop Background Wallpaper (Desktop Slideshow Feature) in Windows 7
    How to Turn On and Enable Aero in Windows 7
    Play QuickTime .mov, DivX .avi and XviD .avi Movie and Video Media Natively in Windows 7
    Free Burn Disc Images for ISO and IMG in Windows 7
    How to Enable Equalizer, SRS WOW, Play Speed, Dolby Digital and Other Enhancements in WMP 12
    How to Disable or Enable (Turn On or Off) Windows 7 Snap Automatically Maximize and Arrange Window
    Disable and Turn Off Taskbar Thumbnail Preview in Windows 7 (Switch to List View)
    Hack to Remove 100 MB System Reserved Partition When Installing Windows 7
    How to Avoid 200MB (100 MB in Windows 7 RTM) Hidden System Partition From Been Created During Windows 7 Beta or RC Installation
    How to Restore or Reopen Last Closed Tabs in IE8
    How to Restore and Reopen Last Browsing Session Opened Tabs in IE8
    Improved Disk Defragmenter in Windows 7 with Status Report and Free Space & Parallel Concurrent Defrag Support
    Trick to Quickly Task Switch Between Window Frames of Same Application in Windows 7 (Alt+Tab or Win+Tab Alternative)
    How to Change Windows 7 System Restore (System Protection) Disk Space Usage Size Limit
    How To Run As Different User When Executing Programs in Windows 7
    How to Create A New Library In Windows 7
    How To Disable and Remove Libraries from Windows 7 Explorer
    How to Remove and Hide “Libraries” Group from Navigation Pane of Windows 7 Explorer
    How to Hide or Show Libraries in the Navigation Pane of Windows 7 Explorer
    Adjust Volume Level When Place or Receive Telephone Calls in Windows 7
    Use TZUtil To Change Time Zone in Command Prompt in Windows 7
    Improve IE8 Start Up Speed By Identifying Add-Ons Load Time
    Workaround to Run Windows Vista Bar Style Sidebar in Windows 7
    Disable UAC in Windows 7 With Sidebar and Gadgets Working Properly
    How to Disable and Turn Off UAC in Windows 7
    Reveal All Hidden User Folders In “Send To” Right Click Menu in Windows 7
    Shift-Right Click to Reveal Classic Context Menu (Restore, Move, Maximize, Minimize) on Windows 7 Taskbar App
    How to Access and Run Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) and Outlook Express (OE) of Virtual XP Mode (VXP) VM in Windows 7
    Evaluate System Energy Usage and Get Power Management Report with PowerCfg -Energy Switch in Windows 7
    How to Copy Files Multi-Threaded with Robocopy in Windows 7
    How to Enable or Disable Hibernate in Windows 7
    Hack to Install Any Edition or Version (SKU) of Windows 7 to Install From Single Edition DVD Disc Media or ISO
    Display and Show Classic Navigation Tree Pane in Windows 7 Explorer (for Users Folder, Control Panel, Recycle Bin and CD/DVD/BD Drives)
    Automatically Expand Navigation Pane Tree to Current Folder in Windows 7
    Where to Download Mail, Movie Maker and Photo Gallery for Windows 7? Windows Live Essentials
    How to Check or Verify PC Motherboard BIOS SLIC Version is SLP OA 2.0 or 2.1 for OEM Activation
    Easy Way to Determine If CPU Supports Windows 7 Virtual PC (XP Mode)
    Windows 7 Task Bar (Superbar) Jump Lists for Application Icons
    Hack to Turn Off and Disable Windows 7 CD or DVD Writer Burning and Auto Tray Ejection Feature
    How to Disable, Remove or Hide IE8 Search Box
    Windows 7 Federated Search
    Disable and Turn Off HomeGroup Services to Hide or Remove Home Group from Windows 7 Explorer
    How to Rearm and Extend Free Usage (Activation Grace Period) of Windows 7 to 120 Days
    How to Change the Windows 7 Taskbar Button Length or Width Size
    How to Display Text on Taskbar Buttons in Windows 7 or How to Revert and Get Back Vista Style Taskbar (With Label) in Windows 7
    How to Make the Windows 7 SuperBar (Taskbar) Icons Smaller (Small Size)
    Pin Control Panel to Windows 7 TaskBar Hack
    Workaround to Pin My Computer, Documents, Recycle Bin or Any Folders to Windows 7 TaskBar (Pin to Windows Explorer Alternative)
    Never Combine Icons (Or Only Combine When Full) But Hide Labels in Windows 7 Taskbar
    Easy Way to Hide or Show Notification Area Icons on Taskbar in Windows 7
    How to Enable or Disable Quick Launch Bar Toolbar in Windows 7
    How to Show Desktop in Windows 7 (Quick Launch Alternative)
    How to Select Any Edition or Version (SKU) of Windows 7 to Install From Single Edition DVD Disc Media or ISO
    Clean Install Windows 7 With Upgrade Media and Product Key on Formatted or Empty Blank Hard Drive
    How to Set 64-Bit Windows Media Player 12 (WMP12) As Default Player
    How to Create and Make Bootable Windows 7 ISO from EXE Plus Setup1.Box and Setup2.Box Files
    How to Enable Aero Glass in Windows 7 Virtual Machines on Windows Virtual PC
    Hack to Activate and Switch Window in Windows 7 By Mouse Over Hover Without Click
    Retrieve, View or Display Wireless (WEP or WPA WiFi) Network Security Key or Password in Windows 7
    Delete or Disable Recent Search Entries History in Windows 7 (Explorer) Search Box
    How to Disable or Deactivate User Account in Windows 7
    How to Save Frequent Searches in Windows 7
    How to Enable and Use ReadyBoost in Windows 7 and Vista

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